In Pursuit of Excellence

Abou Ghaly Motors Group is an extremely dynamic and ever changing company seeking to achieve excellence in whatever we do. This reputation is the result of the passion and dedication displayed by those who built the company and are the past, present and future of our company.

We constantly strive to develop our unique talent pool and wealth of skills. Our company is constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who can make a valuable contribution to the success of our products. This is the only way to attain excellence: combining talent with relentless commitment to innovation.

You will love being part of the team

Abou Ghaly Motors has entered a period of growth and development, welcoming a new chapter in its almost 40-year history.

As a group, we are as good as our people. We hire, engage and retain talented employees who match the ‘people’ capabilities we need. However, equally important is that these talented employees have their own priorities and career aspirations met as individuals. Our culture and ethics are unmatched in the automotive industry, we strive to achieve continuous improvement in career planning and development and always look for new ways to engage our workforce.



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